Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Trying Times!

Hello to all our Rm 22 families - I hope you are all healthy and (relatively) happy!

Things are, indeed, very topsy turvey at the moment and our nation is facing challenging times. Things will pass of, course, but the road ahead may be rather bumpy.

For our students, it is very important that we support them through this time and keep them busy, optimistic and mentally/physically healthy.

There are many students who are currently being kept at home to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus. I completely understand this decision and, along with the rest of the WGPS staff, am busy coming up with some home learning packages for the students to access. This work is not just 'busy work', but includes concepts that we are covering in class. These guides will be up on this blog by the end of this week. I have already posted (under the homework tab) a list of very good online educational sites that the children can use to help them maintain their learning throughout this period.

Something I strongly recommend to parents who are keeping their children at home is to try and establish a daily routine. The prospect of free time sounds wonderful to young children...for about half a day, whereupon they become bored and vexatious! My suggestion is that each day should be timetabled so that the children engage in set activities for a predetermined length of time, and that the day be composed of a mixture of:

  • Online learning or parent guided lessons
  • Physical activity
  • Creative activities -arts, craft, cooking, music, engineering challenges
  • Reading
  • Helping around the home
  • Games and 'free' time
This will help the day go faster, will be beneficial to their (and your!) mental and physical health, and even if they will not admit it - children like routines! It might also be a great opportunity for you to teach your children how to cook, sew, make a birdhouse, etc. Do not try and make your child sit down and do schoolwork from 8.45 to 3.05....the quality of their work will be poor, they will not learn very much and you will drive yourself crazy trying to keep them on task! Short periods, interspersed with other activities will prove to be far more productive. 

I will be updating this blog every day with new information and content, so remember to check back regularly. 

Trying times indeed...but this is a time where we can all show our inner strength and character. Coping with adversity is a part of life and how we all deal with it will be watched and absorbed by our young ones. 

Please all stay healthy and look out for one another. And students....WASH YOUR HANDS!

Mr S

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  1. Thank you Mr S for everything you do for our kids! Always going above and beyond, not just academically but also for their health and well being. We truly appreciate it. Take Care of you too!!!