Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Rm 22 and 31 Assembly

Last Friday, the students from Rm 22 and 31 had our assembly, and it was a blast!

Being asked to come up with an assembly item in such a short space of time was a little daunting but we put our collective heads together and came up with two charming little poems to learn and recite - 'My Dad, Your Dad' and 'Sick'.

The students did a fantastic job of memorizing the poems and helped us come up with a series of actions to perform whilst reciting the poems. Both poems were delivered with lots of enthusiasm and drama!

A big thank you to all the parents, who did a wonderful job of dressing their children up to look like outpatients from a hospital. There were bandages, slings, fake blood, casts, moon boots and crutches, band-aids...they all looked amazing!

Congratulations to our certificate winners:
Mandy - for being an all round wonderful young lady.
Alex - for his awesome Science skills.
Tejas - for his amazing dedication to learning.
Georgia - for doing her absolute best at all times.
Aliston - for making such a great start to 2020 in his new MAC home!
Joella - for being willing to work hard and do extra work in order to improve.

I am, indeed, the luckiest teacher in WA to have such a great class of students.

Here are some photos of the Rm 22 kids all decked out in their sick costumes!

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