Tuesday, September 3, 2019

The Next Australian Master Chefs?

Monday afternoon was a great time to be in Rm 22...we all enjoyed a delicious sampling of freshly baked scones, with a dollop of jam and cream for good measure!

How did this all come about I hear you ask?

It is, of course, a well known fact that the parents of Rm 22 students are a multi-talented, brilliant bunch. One of them - Mrs Maria Kelly, very bravely volunteered to run some cooking classes for our students. This pleased Mr Sanderson very much, because:
A) it is a valuable skill that all children should learn....and they most CERTAINLY will not learn it from him
B) He will get to eat some of the delicious stuff made!

So, with a firm, courageous tone, he gave permission for Mrs Kelly to go ahead, and Monday was the first day. We selected 6 intrepid students to be in the first group: Tayla, Samara, Georgia, Trinity, Emilio and Francis. They were then given expert tutelage in the craft of preparing the perfect scone.

Once made, they were then scoffed down by the hungry crew of Rm 22. They did an excellent job and the results were delicious.

A HUGE thank you to Ms Kelly for her great work. Next week, another six students will get to make Irish soda bread.

Mr S can't wait!

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