Monday, March 19, 2018

STEM in Rm 22

Who said learning can't be fun?

Our class had a wonderful Monday afternoon, making paper helicopters and then breaking into small groups for some engineering shenanigans!

First. we conducted some investigations into the way a paper helicopter worked. We discovered something interesting - if you change the direction of the blades to the opposite position, the helicopter will spin in the opposite direction. 

Very cool!

We also tried doubling the number of blades, then shortening the 'body' of the helicopter. In each case, the efficiency of the descent was badly affected. In any case, it was a lot of fun and we felt like proper engineers, modifying and testing our creations.

For the second half of the afternoon, we split into groups and engaged in some engineering activities. We had a go at:

  • Building long, continuous marble roll structures
  • Creating circuits using our electronic kits
  • Building the tallest tower possible using only playing cards
  • Building vehicles and structures using Lego
  • Using dominoes to build towers and pyramids
It was a fun time for all, and we look forward to engaging in more great STEM sessions!

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