Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Disgusting SCIENCE!

Our class has been conducting an investigation into micro organisms and it has been spectacularly revolting!

We took two slices of bread (one white and one brown) and rubbed our dirty hands thoroughly over one side of each slice. We then sprinkled some water onto the surface of the read and then locked them up inside plastic ziplock bags. 

And then? We waited...for the magic to happen!

What did happen after only a few days was the appearance of moulds and various fungi. That was expected! What wasn't expected, however, was the amazing variety of different things that appeared.

There were dark green spots, thick black fur, delicate white fuzz and dark brown patches. There was even some orange and pink varieties!

The time has come to throw our little microcosms away (they are starting to smell!), but we will try to identify some of the different species that grew in Rm 22. 

Check out a few of our disgusting creations. 

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