Friday, April 3, 2020

Hello to all Rm 22 Students!

Hi everyone!

I am definitely missing every last one of you. It has been a strange couple of weeks, with less and less students at school. I know it must feel strange to you as well, but don't worry - this will all pass and life will eventually get back to normal. We all need to stay positive and count our blessings, for there are many. This will most certainly be a good story to tell your grandchildren one day!

I know most of you are diligently doing the activities listed on the blog. Well done! As a school, we are currently working out ways to more efficiently deliver content to you, and ways for you to get work back to us for assessment. Our ANZAC poems are technically due today (Friday 3rd) but I understand that getting that poem to me is not so easy! Information concerning this problem (of students submitting work) , along with preparations for the start of Term Two will be forthcoming next week. Hang tight and all will be revealed!

The plan for Week 10 will be posted shortly - check back over the weekend. 

In the meanwhile, I will start putting up answer keys for the Week 9 mathematics work, so you can see how well you did. 

If you haven't already seen this on the Week 9 plan, you need to start reading 'The Secret Garden' by Frances Hodgson Burnett. It is available on the Project Gutenberg website. I have made a Bloom's project based on this book, which will be a major reading activity in Term Two. 

Remember to include physical and creative activity in each day. Be tolerant of younger (or older) siblings and be helpful to Mum and Dad. Remember - they need looking after as well as you lot!

Stay safe, stay positive and looking forward to seeing you again...hopefully soon!

Mr S

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