Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Arts Festival

Well, the 2018 Wattle Grove 'celebration of the arts' has finally arrived, and what a night it was!

While we have always known that Wattle Grove kids are outrageously talented, it still comes as something of a surprise to see just how outrageously talented they are!

Students from Rm 22 were involved in several events, including:

  • the exhibition of art work (a HUGE thank you to Ms Randall - unquestionably the best Art teacher in WA)
  • Dancing
  • a highly amusing performance of 'Cinderella', performed in Italian (another HUGE thank you to Signora Isaiah - irrefutably the best LOTE teacher in WA)
  • The Senior Choir, ably led by the incomparable Mr Honey, who is the best...oh, you know what I'm going to say...
  • A guitar recital, where the students got to show us their amazing musical skills
  • And last but not least...the unbelievable WGPS Circus!
As soon as he provides them, I will be uploading some of the photographs taken by Mr Meachem throughout the evening. I know he took loads of great shots of all our students dressed in their finery. 

I know you all enjoyed their circus performance as much as I did. They have all worked very hard and are great little performers. Despite being a bit rushed for time, we managed to get all our acts into our 15 minute slot. Special congratulations must go out to our Poi, Ribbon and Dance acts, as they worked out the choreography all by themselves. 

I will leave you with two photos of one particular star, decked out in her costume from our skit: 'A sunny day in the park'. A very shy, retiring little thing, isn't she?!

Keep checking out our blog for more circus photos!

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