Monday, May 21, 2018

We're going to the Zoo!

This Wednesday, our class (along with the students from Mr Sherlock and Mrs Lowther's classes) is off to the fabulous Perth Zoo!

Biology has been our Science Focus over the course of the semester and we have been learning all about ecosystems, adaptations and the basic mechanics of evolution and natural selection, which were first put forward by my favourite scientist, Mr Charles Darwin (along with the lesser known but equally important naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace).

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Apart from touring the park at a leisurely pace, marveling at the rich majesty of nature, we will also be attending a workshop based on the theme of 'Asian Trek', which will examine tropical ecosystems and the biology that exists within it. It should be fascinating!

We will be leaving at 9.00am sharp, so the students must be here by 8.30am. They will need to bring the following items:
  • Full school uniform, and closed toe shoes
  • School hat
  • Packed lunch and recess snack, along with a water bottle
The weather looks to be favourable at this point but if things change, be sure to send your child along with a rain jacket and/or umbrella.

We will be returning to school by 2.30pm.

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