Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Welcome to Room 22!

MAC 2018 - It's Great to be Back!

Hello to all returning parents and all our new parents! I hope you had a wonderful break. I did a few weeks across the ditch in New Zealand and absolutely loved every part of it. I'm almost ashamed to admit that close to my favourite part was visiting the 'Lord of the Rings' set on the North Island. It is a perfectly constructed hobbit village and was very cool. I just wished I had taken my Gandalf the Wizard costume along with me.

I am really looking forward to another fantastic year. The class seem to be a terrific bunch of students and they look hungry to learn - just the way I like it. I have kept reassuring our newest class members that everything is going to be fine...they looked a little nervous at the start of the day! They have already impressed me with their enthusiasm and keen attitude.

Just some information for the parents of Yr 6 students: The Yr 6 leaver shirt order form will be coming home in the next few days. As the sizes of these shirts might differ to those of our regular uniform, we strongly advise all students to go to Mr Sherlock's class and try on some shirts provided by the company for sizing purposes. Bear in mind that most students are likely to suddenly shoot up over the course of the year, so you may wish to consider buying a shirt that is one size larger than their current dimensions suggest!
Once ordered, the shirts will be available at the beginning to Term Two.
Regarding the Yr 6 Student Reps: all Yr 6 students are given the opportunity to be a Student Representative over the course of the year. We require all students to write and present a short speech providing reasons why they would make a good student rep. I have provided each student with an example of a 'good' speech, for them to use as a template. As we wish to announce the first group of Student Representatives at the Week 2 assembly, the students must be ready to present their speech by Monday the 5th of February. 

I am looking forward to a great year! 

Carl Sanderson

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